Oh by Gosh. It’s California Lavash!

Do you love Thanksgiving dinner but aren’t up to cooking it more than once a year? California Lavash to the rescue.

Here is a quick, fun and easy way to enjoy turkey and all the sides without spending the day in the kitchen. Extra bonus: There’s very little clean up! This wrap contains turkey and cranberries. It also has kale for the green vegetable. The fried onions are a blast from the past for everyone’s favorite green bean casserole. Finally, the Lavash is like the rolls. You get a taste of an entire Thanksgiving meal in every bite!

Move over sandwiches. Wraps are here to stay. Just spread out all of the ingredients on a flatbread, roll it up and slice. Instant elegant sandwich!

Enjoy this delicious Turkey Cranberry Wrap year round.

Turkey Cranberry Wrap

1 California Lavash flatbread

4 slices Turkey, thinly sliced

¼ cup packed kale, finely chopped

2 tablespoons French fried onions, crumbled

3 tablespoons whipped cream cheese

2 tablespoons canned whole berry cranberry sauce

Spread the whipped cream cheese on the Lavash. Spread the cranberries over the cream cheese. Put the turkey slices on a third of the Lavash. Sprinkle the kale and then the fried onions over the turkey. Starting at the turkey end, tightly roll up the Lavash. Cut into 7 slices.

7 pieces. 49 calories/piece. 8 grams of protein. If desired, more turkey can be added for more protein without many more calories.

Don’t be surprised, if after eating the wrap, you will start looking for a slice of pumpkin pie. 😉

Tip: The wrap is best consumed the day that it’s made, because the fried onions will get soggy. I created my own recipe, but for more recipes, go to www.californialavash.com.

This post is sponsored by Atoria’s Baking Company, who gave me California Lavash flatbread to try.

Yeah California Lavash! I tried California Lavash flatbread for the first time and enjoyed it! As a newbie to flatbreads, I found it to be soft and delicious. It is excellent for wraps, pinwheels, flatbread pizzas, made into chips, tuna melts and paninis for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I like that it’s a family-owned bakery committed to using quality ingredients. Their breads are vegan, non-GMO and don’t contain artificial preservatives. I tried the Traditional Lavash and also the Whole Grain Lavash, which is a good source of fiber containing 4 grams per serving.

FYI: Since their breads don’t have preservatives :), store them in the freezer to keep them fresh. They thaw on the counter in a few minutes. Purchase California Lavash in the bread aisle at stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Smart & Final or delivered by Good Eggs. For a store near you go to http://www.californialavash.com/store-locator.

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