Oh by Gosh. It’s California Lavash!

Do you love Thanksgiving dinner but aren’t up to cooking it more than once a year? California Lavash to the rescue.

Here is a quick, fun and easy way to enjoy turkey and all the sides without spending the day in the kitchen. Extra bonus: There’s very little clean up! This wrap contains turkey and cranberries. It also has kale for the green vegetable. The fried onions are a blast from the past for everyone’s favorite green bean casserole. Finally, the Lavash is like the rolls. You get a taste of an entire Thanksgiving meal in every bite!

Move over sandwiches. Wraps are here to stay. Just spread out all of the ingredients on a flatbread, roll it up and slice. Instant elegant sandwich!

Enjoy this delicious Turkey Cranberry Wrap year round.

Turkey Cranberry Wrap

1 California Lavash flatbread

4 slices Turkey, thinly sliced

¼ cup packed kale, finely chopped

2 tablespoons French fried onions, crumbled

3 tablespoons whipped cream cheese

2 tablespoons canned whole berry cranberry sauce

Spread the whipped cream cheese on the Lavash. Spread the cranberries over the cream cheese. Put the turkey slices on a third of the Lavash. Sprinkle the kale and then the fried onions over the turkey. Starting at the turkey end, tightly roll up the Lavash. Cut into 7 slices.

7 pieces. 49 calories/piece. 8 grams of protein. If desired, more turkey can be added for more protein without many more calories.

Don’t be surprised, if after eating the wrap, you will start looking for a slice of pumpkin pie. 😉

Tip: The wrap is best consumed the day that it’s made, because the fried onions will get soggy. I created my own recipe, but for more recipes, go to www.californialavash.com.

This post is sponsored by Atoria’s Baking Company, who gave me California Lavash flatbread to try.

Yeah California Lavash! I tried California Lavash flatbread for the first time and enjoyed it! As a newbie to flatbreads, I found it to be soft and delicious. It is excellent for wraps, pinwheels, flatbread pizzas, made into chips, tuna melts and paninis for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I like that it’s a family-owned bakery committed to using quality ingredients. Their breads are vegan, non-GMO and don’t contain artificial preservatives. I tried the Traditional Lavash and also the Whole Grain Lavash, which is a good source of fiber containing 4 grams per serving.

FYI: Since their breads don’t have preservatives :), store them in the freezer to keep them fresh. They thaw on the counter in a few minutes. Purchase California Lavash in the bread aisle at stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Smart & Final or delivered by Good Eggs. For a store near you go to http://www.californialavash.com/store-locator.

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Eat Right in August

August is Kids Eat Right Month, but any month is a great time to eat more fruits and vegetables. Serve your kids carrots and broccoli with hummus for an after school snack instead of high-calorie foods without nutrients. 

Do you have a favorite fruit? I could live on nectarines. They are juicy, sweet and tart, besides containing vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. At dinner tonight, go around the table and ask each other their favorite fruit or vegetable. You might be surprised to learn new information. On the weekend, pick a recipe that incorporates your families’ favorite foods. If your kids see you eating healthy, they will make healthier choices.

To promote wellness in your family, make fruits and veggies your friends and stay active.