Do You Have a Healthy Heart?

Veggie Healthy Heart

Are you taking care of your heart, so that your heart can take care of you?

Enjoy the benefits with a handful of healthy habits:

  • Control Blood Pressure 120/80 – Limit sodium to less than 2,300 mg a day
  • Maintain Normal Cholesterol Levels – Decrease saturated fat and increase soluble fiber
  • Be Physically Active Every Day – Your heart is a muscle. Keep it strong.
  • Eat Healthfully  – Enjoy plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains.
  • Take Medications – If needed, drugs save lives.
  • Limit Alcohol and Don’t Smoke
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Salt. A Little Dab Will Do You

Are you a salt addict? Many people salt their food before they even taste it. With the average sodium intake being 3,400 mg a day, it may be time to stand away from the salt shaker. As it turns out, too much sodium can put you at risk for stomach cancer. Some people are salt sensitive and blow up like a balloon after a salty meal, which may put you at risk for heart disease.

The current guidelines recommend limiting sodium to 2,300 mg a day. It’s 1,500 mg a day for certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, or being over the age of 50.

To limit sodium in your diet, it’s important to read the labels on canned food, frozen food, and processed food. It’s even more important to watch restaurant food. Eating out can push your daily limit of sodium over the top. Soy sauce and canned soup are obvious sources of sodium, but did you know that bread and rolls are also high in sodium?

A little dab of sodium is necessary, but the dabs quickly add up. Instead of salt, flavor foods with fresh herbs and spices, such as cilantro, cinnamon, or turmeric to add powerful phytonutrients for added health benefits.