Put Your Best Fork Forward with National Nutrition Month!2

National Nutrition Month


It’s time to “Put Your Best Fork Forward” to celebrate National Nutrition Month! Every March is a reminder to commit to healthy eating and physical activity.
Tips to Try –
  • What can you do to change or improve your habits? Small changes add up over time. Change one habit at a time for long-lasting results.
  • Would you like to lose weight? It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. For motivation, check out Day 1 Motivation, Motivation, Motivation in The Food Is My Friend Diet.
  • Would you like to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Add a fruit with breakfast. Add more veggies to a sandwich at lunch. Eat a fruit for an afternoon snack. Make half the plate a big salad for dinner.
  • Would you like to be more active? What do you like to do? Walk? Go to the gym? Jog by yourself? Join a running group? Clean house? Dance? There’s something for everyone.

It’s All About Prevention –

A healthy lifestyle prevents health problems before they start. Who wants to take a lot of medications or spend time in the hospital?
More Tips –
Do you spend a lot of money on coffee drinks and snacks? Go grocery shopping on the weekend to buy healthy snacks, such as popcorn, bags of nuts, string cheese, yogurt or fruit.
Try cooking more at home. Begin with a meal plan for the week. When you have a plan, you will be less tempted to grab something quick on your way home from work. Besides, eating at restaurants can load on the calories, as well as extra amounts of sodium to your meals.
It’s Your Live –
Your goal is to create a create a healthy lifestyle that you are willing to do over your lifetime.   For science-based experts that you can trust, find a registered dietitian nutritionist in your area. Check out www.eatright.org and be the best that you can be.

Obesity a Disease?

AMA says obesity is a disease
The American Medical Association is the latest in a growing list of groups that have  classified obesity as a disease. Whether or not one believes that obesity is a disease, there is reason to believe that the new policy will pave the way for prevention and better treatment that will ultimately save billions in health care costs.
Since the 1980s, the rates of obesity have been steadily increasing along with a rapid rise in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes currently costs the US a staggering  $174 billion a year. The first line of defense for treating pre-diabetes is weight loss and increasing physical activity. Obesity is a complex issue and impossible to fix in the one hour nutrition education session allowed by many insurance companies.
The time for registered dietitian nutritionists to shine is now. They can make a difference and save our country billions in health care costs. Prevention is the answer. Insurance reimbursement for lifestyle intervention/weight loss programs should be a priority – if not from a social welfare point of view, then certainly from a financial one.

Best-Selling Author Dr. Earl Mindell Shares Advice

Dr. Earl Mindell and I compared books at the latest meeting of the Book Publicists of Southern California. It was an honor to meet such an accomplished author.  Dr. Mindell is a worldwide best-selling author with over 50 books. Since 1976, The Vitamin Bible has sold 11 million copies and has been translated into 34 languages. Very impressive!

Have you ever had your vitamin D checked? Many people don’t go out in the sun anymore to prevent skin cancer. Some of my clients, including me, had low levels. Vitamin D is important for bone health, as well as many other conditions. Follow the RDA for your age and take a supplement, if needed.

Working Out with Olympian Lashinda Demus

Working out with Olympian Lashinda Demus on a beach in Santa Monica was a wonderful experience, besides being great fun. A world record holder in the 400 meter hurdles gave me expert advice on how to run faster! It was awesome.
It got me to thinking. Where do you go for nutrition advice? The best place to get nutrition/weight loss advice is from a registered dietitian. We are the experts in the field of nutrition.

Do you have trouble losing weight? Think like an Olympic athelete. With a goal and hard work, you can achieve whatever you want to do.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have met Lashinda and will always treasure the memory. Her focus and determination is an inspiration. All the best to Lashinda as she heads off to London to compete in the 2012 Olympics.
Run like the wind Lashinda and bring home the gold!