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What Are You Doing With Your Leftover Halloween Candy?

Trick or Treat

Halloween is over, but the candy may still be lingering in plastic pumpkins, pantry shelves or bedroom drawers.
Did you know that an extra 50 calories a day can add an extra five pounds in a year? If each candy is 25-40 calories and you eat 3-5 of them a day, you do the math. It will add unwanted pounds. And what if you are having a bad day and eat 300-500 extra calories in candy?
So what should you do with the candy? Most of my clients, who are trying to lose weight, tell me that they take it to the office. That’s one way of getting rid of it. Except the people eating it are also my clients. Other places to dispose of the candy include homeless shelters, fire stations, and sending it overseas. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Does anyone really need so much candy? It is providing sugar calories for energy but no nutrients. An acceptable amount of candy calories would be 160 calories a day for 1,800 calories. This is assuming that there won’t be any other calories consumed on extra carbohydrates, protein, fat or alcohol.
No one wants to be the Halloween Scrooge, but it’s possible to limit the amounts of candy collected. It’s also possible to buy less candy and turn out the lights, when it’s gone.
Do you have any ideas regarding what to do with leftover Halloween candy??