Put Your Best Fork Forward with National Nutrition Month!2

National Nutrition Month


It’s time to “Put Your Best Fork Forward” to celebrate National Nutrition Month! Every March is a reminder to commit to healthy eating and physical activity.
Tips to Try –
  • What can you do to change or improve your habits? Small changes add up over time. Change one habit at a time for long-lasting results.
  • Would you like to lose weight? It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. For motivation, check out Day 1 Motivation, Motivation, Motivation in The Food Is My Friend Diet.
  • Would you like to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Add a fruit with breakfast. Add more veggies to a sandwich at lunch. Eat a fruit for an afternoon snack. Make half the plate a big salad for dinner.
  • Would you like to be more active? What do you like to do? Walk? Go to the gym? Jog by yourself? Join a running group? Clean house? Dance? There’s something for everyone.

It’s All About Prevention –

A healthy lifestyle prevents health problems before they start. Who wants to take a lot of medications or spend time in the hospital?
More Tips –
Do you spend a lot of money on coffee drinks and snacks? Go grocery shopping on the weekend to buy healthy snacks, such as popcorn, bags of nuts, string cheese, yogurt or fruit.
Try cooking more at home. Begin with a meal plan for the week. When you have a plan, you will be less tempted to grab something quick on your way home from work. Besides, eating at restaurants can load on the calories, as well as extra amounts of sodium to your meals.
It’s Your Live –
Your goal is to create a create a healthy lifestyle that you are willing to do over your lifetime.   For science-based experts that you can trust, find a registered dietitian nutritionist in your area. Check out www.eatright.org and be the best that you can be.

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Grab Your Skinny Jeans and Flirt Away

Are you wearing your skinny jeans or are they sitting in the back of your closet? If you need to lose a few pounds, stop dieting and start living. Research shows that diets don’t work. It has to be a lifestyle. Make healthy choices and get some physical activity every day. The weight will slowly come off.

What is your reason for losing weight? Is it a guy? If things don’t work out, you may not be motivated to continue losing. You may want to give up and gain the weight back. Losing hope is a horrible thing. Hope guides us and helps us believe in a better tomorrow. So maybe this guy didn’t work out. Good! That means that someone better is waiting to meet you.

Of course, good health is always your main reason for eating healthy and losing weight. But feeling good about yourself for someone special may help motivate you. What’s your biggest problem when it comes to losing weight? If it’s motivation, sit down, and list some reasons for fitting into your skinny jeans.

Start the New Year with new food friends like fruits and vegetables. Cheers to a new day and a new life!