A Little Too Much Fa La La La this Holiday Season?

I know. Right? Where did the extra weight come from? Well, it might have been from all those candy and cookie food gifts that you said you didn’t want but got anyway. Chances are they may still be lying on a table somewhere. If it’s next to you while you are watching tv, it WILL call out to you after dinner for sure!
Time for New Year’s Resolutions? A resolution is a firm decision to do something. How about a New Year’s Intention? An intention is more of a plan. It might be easier. Decide on only ONE thing to change. Cut out regular soda. Stop eating French fries. No fried food. One adult beverage, not two on weekends. Pick one. These are relatively easy choices. Stick with it. Eating 100 calories less a day will help you lose ten pounds in a year. If you need help, The Food Is My Friend Diet has all the answers. Let’s get started today! I will be here, if you need me.