Were You More Naughty than Nice this Holiday Season?

The holidays are coming to a close. Oops. There may have been more parties than you thought. Even if you were trying to be careful, the goodies were glorious. And the food gifts! Wow. Trying each type of chocolate seemed like a good idea at the time.
If your clothes feel a little tighter and uncomfortable, don’t wait til January to take action. My number one tip is to get moving. Make every effort to go to the gym or get outside to walk or shovel snow. Set a goal to get 30-60 minutes of physical activity a day. No excuses. Physical activity is the best way to burn calories. 1-2 extra pounds every holiday season adds up over the years. Lose the extra weight ASAP.
Most likely, there may be some more holiday calories consumed in the next week or two, but increasing the physical activity will reduce the damage. Get back on track to your usual eating habits ASAP. Start the new year feeling and looking great.

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