Lose Weight with Ruth: Want to Attend a Great College?

Lose Weight with Ruth: Want to Attend a Great College?: Ripon College Red Hawk Attending a recent college reunion brought back many fond memories, as well as rediscovering the benefits of…


Want to Attend a Great College?

Ripon College Red Hawk

Attending a recent college reunion brought back many fond memories, as well as rediscovering the benefits of a small college.

Ripon College, founded in 1851, is located in Ripon, Wisconsin. As a small, private liberal arts college, Ripon has lots to offer the best and brightest students in the way of individual attention, extracurricular activities and a personalized education. 
Equally impressive is Zach Messitte, the college president. Starting only his fourth year, Zach, as he likes to be called, has big ideas for the campus and has set extraordinary expectations. Imagine Tomorrow, the college’s largest campaign in its history, had a goal of raising $50 million. The campaign exceeded it goal by $20 million for a total of $70 million. 

Ripon College Zach Messitte

A couple more of Zach’s “goals in progress” include reviewing the curriculum and renovating Storzer Athletic Center, the health, wellness and athletic facility. When Zach is not teaching a class or taking students to Italy in the summer, he can be seen buzzing around campus on a powder blue Vespa. Getting to know the college president and making a personal connection is unlikely at a big university. But that’s Ripon College! By the way, Zach’s favorite food is yogurt, and his current favorite physical activity is walking in the nearby prairie.

During the reunion, I even ran into my favorite English professor, Dr. Douglas Northrup. He is retired but still has a presence on campus.

Dr Douglas Northrup

Attending a small college has many lifelong benefits that aren’t always obvious at first. For more information, check out www.Ripon.edu

Meet Gwen Jorgensen 2014 World Triathlon Series World Champion

Gwen Jorgensen

When I was lucky enough to chat with 2012 Olympic Triathlete and 2014 World Triathlon Series World Champion, Gwen Jorgensen, I was surprised to discover that we have something in common. We both like oatmeal and were born in Wisconsin!

It was truly inspiring to talk about food and nutrition with such an accomplished athlete. Gwen’s favorite food is oatmeal with dried fruit, bananas, coconut oil and topped with poached eggs. Her favorite physical activity is an easy 6K run.

If you like to eat lots of calories, then swim, ride and run in a Triathlon! Gwen needs to consume three filling meals a day plus snacks to have enough energy for her rigorous workout schedule. She likes trying new foods and enjoys fueling her body with healthy foods. I was very fortunate to meet Gwen and am very proud and happy for her many accomplishments. She just won her 10thstraight World Triathlon Series race.

Look out Rio 2016 Olympics. Go Gwen!